About Me

I'm an actor, director, playwright, and screenwriter. Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, moving to Wilmington NC in 1979, settling in South Florida in 1989.

While attending college, I decided to take a few acting classes. I immediately found my calling. I took on several different acting classes, acted in community theater and worked on student films. I eventually secured an agent and was able to land some paid gigs...every actor knows how important your first gig is. 

After working in theater, I decided to expand my resume by directing and later writing. 

Height: 6"1"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Location: South Florida 


Acquired Taste | Ivan | NN Media Productions 

Fallout | Don | NN Media Productions

Breach | Lieutenant Cassidy | NN Media Productions

Sehnsucht | John | NN Media Productions

Miami Rogue | FBI Chief | Julian Monterrey Films

2010 - present
2010 - present

Truth is Stranger Than Florida | Charles Curran | Maximum Sunshine Productions

Plaza 66 | Police Officer | GA Studios

Stage (Partial)

Scenes From A Chinese Restaurant | Eddy/Drew/XU Shin (V.O.) Directed by Joyce Sweeney

Surfing The Rubicon | Anton Biggs | Directed by Brian Reeves

Good Mourning | Scott Newton | Directed by Joyce Sweeney

Character Assassination | Graham Colfax | Directed by Irene Kessler 

Broken Angels | Irving Whitehead | Directed by Brian Reeves


Comeuppance, by Marc Rohr | Performed at The Willow Theater

Missing The Point, by Todd Caster | Performed at The Willow Theater

Viva Las Vegas, by MJ Putnik | Performed at the Willow Theater

Collaboration, by Marc Rohr |  Performed at the Willow Theater


Simply Healthcare | Coffee Barista | Crown Street Films

Merck Pharmaceutical | Extra | Crown Street Films